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Ledwin Oviedo

Real Estate Development

About Ledwin Oviedo

Ledwin Oviedo is a socially-conscious real estate developer who is looking for ways to make housing more accessible and affordable across the country. He’s well aware of the growing shortage of reasonably priced homes throughout the United States, and he places a focus on New York City where the shortage has reached crisis levels.

It’s no secret that real estate in New York City is expensive, and with the exorbitant number of residents living across the five boroughs, housing itself is scare, much less economical housing. The problem only continues to grow as gentrification becomes more widespread across once affordable neighborhoods.

Ledwin is a firm believer that gentrification should be restricted at all costs. By bringing its own version of social segregation to modern society and driving up costs of living, gentrification introduces radical changes to these urban communities that make it impossible for the original residents to remain, forcing them out of their neighborhoods. There is already an astounding number of homeless people living in New York City, and gentrification only serves to perpetuate this by forcing people out of their homes and onto the streets when they cannot keep up with the inflated cost of living.

Ledwin Oviedo is hoping to make housing more cost-manageable by providing options to those looking for residence through his business, Urbany Community Development. At Urbany, their mission is to construct quality sustainable and self-contained communities with a limited carbon footprint that are economical, with a specific focus on serving low-income families, seniors, veterans, and people with disabilities.

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In the Bronx, Ledwin is purchasing one- through four-family homes and converting them into spaces that can comfortably house nine or 10 families in the same space, lowering the cost of rent for each unit. Before developing a property, he and his team will strip the building down to its bones; he believes that once everything about the property is exposed, you can assess the health of the building, see its structure, and determine what needs to be fixed and implemented.

Ledwin Oviedo is currently looking into developing shelters, and has already started work on a related project; he’s developing a small hotel that will serve as affordable housing. The space will have 49 units and will function as a residence for veterans who have served our country. At Urbany, they want to build communities that help the residents reclaim their rightful place in society.

When it comes to locating properties for investment and development, Ledwin Oviedo primarily deals with distressed properties, namely those headed to auction in foreclosure or pre-foreclosure. While his primary focus is in New York City, he deals with properties in New York, New Jersey, and even Connecticut.